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Axis Analytics – in-depth results and analysis of your organisation's processes, client and product profitability. Axis facilitates mapping all relevant factors and drivers a smart, highly flexible and automated manner. The mere task of using Axis already introduces greater cost/benefit transparency and awareness, leading to everyone looking for greater efficiencies and therefore, higher profitability.

Axis - the door to meaningful financial analytics

Detailed profitability analytics are key to any successful business manager. Improvements can only be made once areas for improvement can be accurately identified.

  • Which clients/products are winners, or not and, importantly, why?
  • Which business processes need improvement?
  • Where should we invest?
  • Where can prices be adjusted?
  • Which services should be outsourced, which should be centralised?
  • Are the teams being adequately compensated?

The rigidity of core accounting systems are often a major hurdle when it comes to filtering out, allocating and weighting meaningful indicators. Workaround solutions using spreadsheets quickly prove unwieldy and error-prone.

The developers of AXIS, in their quest to get better analytics, originally developed the basics of the tool at their previous organisations, At Axcent, all this was brought together to create AXIS.

Axis Analytics is the ideal tool for in-depth process, client and product profitability analysis, and for delivering relevant key performance indicators regularly in a reliable, timely manner. With wider involvement of staff across the business, the results also carry wider ownership.

This makes Axis an indispensable management tool for strategic and business-critical decisions.

  • The past (reporting/MIS)
  • The future (simulations, planning/forecast)
  • Study of variants (calculation/scenarios) 

Axis can be used in all types of organisations
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  • Delivers a clearer picture of what works well, what is in development and what needs attention
  • Investment decisions can be made on the basis of understandable, reliable and meaningful indicators.
  • The less profitable clients or products can be optimised in a targeted manner, whilst the drivers to the more profitable ones become more transparent, enabling efficiency retention measures
  • Scenarios and simulations can be tested to asses outcomes of proposed and planned measures
  • Axis Analytics also provides crucial input for pricing processes, compensation discussions, tax transfer pricing mechanisms and fund profitability calculations
  • Using Axis greatly increases cost/benefit awareness widely across the organisation with everyone motivated to take responsibility for improvement
  • Identify the most efficient divisions / locations for centralising processes, consolidating activities and improving process flows Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

Axis - straight forward to implement and operate

How Axis works

Data from different sources within the organisation are consolidated in the Axis Calculation Engine, then processed to quickly provide very detailed profitability numbers at the lowest level of products and clients. The technology provides ready interfaces for data transfers from source, allowing both one-time and periodic imports

Any visualisation engine (e.g. Tableau, Power BI and even Excel) can be used to create visually useful reports. The integrated Axis API also allows data transfer into existing proprietary reporting solutions

Implementation support

Axis provides flexibility in linking and modelling the results data to suit the user needs

With the variety of methods and reporting solutions availability, our experienced consulting team provides support during the important implementation phase in selecting what is most appropriate for you

The flexibility within Axis means it can usually be implemented within a matter of weeks.




For smaller organisations, start off small with Axis on a single PC or laptop

On premises

For larger organisations with restrcted access to the cloud, install on a server on-premises


Operate on cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure

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