What we do
Business Intelligence

Standardised, yet individual – suited to your organisation and budget - solutions developed by a team with broad business expertise combined with understanding of modern technology to provide relibility, flexibility and speed of delivery

Our services

We are committed to providing effective and customised solutions that work for you

Design & consulting

Our teams' extensive expertise across various industries is combined to create innovative solutions for today's world

  • Usable and effective business intelligence solutions
  • Recognise right drivers to costs
  • Detailed client and product profitability analytics
  • Process efficiency metrics
  • Data design and consolidation
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) and dashboards
  • Identifying, using key business drivers

Development & implementation

Lean, cost-effective applications tailored to your specific needs on a timely basis

  • Process costing, contribution levels, standard and marginal cost analysis
  • Risk management solutions, workflow tools
  • ERP and CRM solutions
  • Administrative solutions
  • Data management
  • Automation and data consolidation

Custom solutions

We excel in delivering bespoke solutions customised to your specific needs

  • Overall project management
  • Maintenance of systems and databases
  • Organisational change management, training
  • Operational support
  • Feasibility studies, second opinions and health checks

Our expertise

Our team have experience in a wide range of organisations, industries and roles. When combined, it allows us to consider multiple aspects on how to deliver effective solutions

Industry experience

Starting with the textile industry, then onto financial services, travel sector and governmental projects.

  • Financial services
    – Asset management
    – Credit card business
    – Payment services
    – Wealth management
    – Pension services
    – Risk management
  • Public authorities
    – Army
    – Cantonal authorities
  • Textile industry
    – Converters
    – Weaving mills
    – Trade
  • Real estate and construction
  • Trade and services
    – Watch industry
    – Consumer goods industry
  • Transport
    – Freight forwarding
    – Airlines


Wide range of senior personnel including Senior CFO level, strategy and planning, hardware and software engineers, database experts

  • Corporate development
  • Financial controlling
  • Profitability analysis / analytics
  • Process management
  • Project management
  • Textile production and sales
  • Construction management
  • Business advisory


Use of modern reliable and well supported frameworks and developer tools, designed to last

  • Microsoft
    – Azure
    – Power BI
    – Office 365
    – Dynamics 365 Customer Service
    – SQL Server
    – Analysis Services
  • Oracle
    – Essbase (Hyperion)
  • Various web technologies 

How we work

Project-specific, multi-disciplinary teams, to suit project deliverables, create effective & reliable solutions to meet requirements and beyond

Practical and cost-efficient

We believe in stable, practical and cost-effective solutions providing what is needed, probably more and timely

Our experience and business expertise allows us to quickly understand your needs. This, in turn, leads to speedier, more effective and usable results

Requirements often change. Our agility and flexibility allows continual fine tuning and optimisation to suit your needs

Collaborative mindset and agility

We prefer to and maintain regular and close contact with the end users of our solutions. This guarantees user-friendly, needs-based, practical deliverables

Regularly progress reports, reaffirming cross-system needs and continual focus on the eventual deliverable

Selected team members act as the end-user, challenging the other team members to deliver

Standardised, yet individual

Using well tested standard modules as building blocks for client-specific solutions. Benefit from ongoing development of standard modules and saving time and costs

With every project we first perform a thorough analysis of the specific requirements and agree these with you, especially the end user, preferably at their workplace

Our products

Axis Analytics: for in-depth analysis of and analytics on your organisation's processes, client and product profitability. Axis enables user friendly methods of costs and revenue allocations in a highly flexible and automated manner. Its key success factor is that it uses smart allocations methodology to deliver where many other solutions only deliver partial or sketchy results. Using Axis establishes greater cost/benefit awareness across the organisation, ultimately leading to greater efficiencies and bottom line

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